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Citizen Band Radio

Citizen band radio, namely CB radio, is a system for short-distance radio communications between individuals. It has 40 selective channels within 27-MHz and 11 m band. Unlike amateur radio, the product can be applied to commercial or personal communications, and license is unnecessary for the CB operation in many countries. Only one station can transmit at a time, and other stations must listen and wait until the shared channel is available. Similar to many other two-way radios services, citizen band channels are shared by many users.

Why Choose Anytone CB Radio
The design and production of our products are strictly in accordance with CE and ROHS standards. In order to guarantee the stability, all the products have to be fully tested in factory. We have a skilled QC team to ensure high quality of the product, so our quality control is highly approved. Moreover, the production process includes SMT process. Besides, we offer OEM/ODM for most famous CB brands.

As a professional citizen band radio manufacturer in China, we provide not only citizen band radio, but also cell phone repeater / signal booster, single band vehicle radio /mobile radio, single band handheld transceiver, and more.

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