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What is a cell phone repeater?
Cell phone repeater or signal booster is a type of bi-directional amplifier as commonly named in the wireless telecommunications industry. It is used to boost the cell phone reception signal by the usage of an indoor antenna, a signal amplifier and an outdoor antenna. The system usually uses an external directional antenna to collect the best cellular signal which is then transmitted to an amplifier unit and amplified, and retransmits it locally, providing significantly improved signal strength. This product is suitable for commercial as well as home use.

One advantage of cell phone repeaters is an increase in the cell phone's battery life due to the lower power required to transmit the signal to the local bi-directional amplifier which is near the phone.

Why choose Anytone repeater
1. The design and production of Anytone repeater follow the latest CE and RoHS standards, and all products have undergone strict tests in factory to ensure long time stability.
2. Anytone has well fixed the self oscillation problem that often exists on other brands of repeaters.
3. Anytone is the leading brand in indoor signal coverage field and the quality of our products and service are highly recognized by dealers and users.

Installation Notice
1. The cell phone repeater can be used for different frequency bands provided by more than two service providers. If a certain base station is located within tens of meters while the other stations are several kilometers far away, signal from the nearby station will be much more dominant. At this time, ALC will operate automatically.
2. Since this equipment performs high-gain amplification, if the outdoor antenna is close to the indoor antenna or the two antennas are adjacent, the RF signal may be feed-backed and abnormal self-oscillation may occur, which may cause serious damage to the cellular phone, even worse, to the base station. So please be careful. The most reliable way is to measure and check the condition with a spectrum analyzer.
3. When connecting N-J connector to the repeater's N-K connetcor, you need to aim and push with a little strength. When feeling they are tight, use one hand to tightly hold the back part of the cable connector and use another hand to fasten the nut. In this process, the nut goes forward 5mm and 4 circles. Other connections are operated similarly.
4. Make sure all crooks of cables are flexible and radius of the flexure is over 75mm, because rigid crooks would increase the risk of damaging cables.
5. Put the cable on the wall or window and dig one 25mm hole to let the cable and its connectors through.
6. The outdoor antenna cable should face down and be far away from the small casket of outdoor antenna to prevent rainwater assembling and flowing into the casket.
7. Make sure the indoor antenna is at least 10m far away from the outdoor antenna and is placed at the back side of the outdoor antenna.
8. Connect cables of outdoor antenna with BS interface and cables of indoor antenna with MS interface.
9. Fasten all connectors before wrapping up with rubberized fabric.
10. Never install the antenna in places where there is a high risk of fire.

As a specialized cell phone repeater / signal booster manufacturer and supplier in China, We provides selective band mobile phone repeater / signal booster, dual band vehicle radio/mobile radio, citizen band radio, and single band hand held transceiver, among others.

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