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Our company specializes in the research, development, and production of wireless communication equipment such as the dual band handheld transceiver, vehicle radio, citizen band radio, cell phone repeater, dual band mobile repeater, and the selective band mobile phone repeater.

Located on the scenic bay of Luoyang Bridge, our company includes a production facility spanning across 12,000 square meters. Over 80% of our products are exported to North America, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, among other countries and regions. We has been acknowledged with the prestigious China Export Enterprise Achievement Award by the Chinese export enterprise election of global resources radio and accessories industry. Our company has been certified by the ISO9001:2000 quality system as well as the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system. Our catalogued products strictly adhere to FCC and CE standards while conforming to radio management specifications in countries such as South Africa and Malaysia.

We operates under a people-oriented management concept. Our company firmly believes that it is the talented individuals within an organization that in turn makes the organization outstanding. We consider it our due responsibility to respect talent, cultivate talent, and then to make the best use of said talent. We offer highly competitive salaries as a bid to attract prospective talents every year. Over time, we have accumulated many highly skilled employees. Employees with university degrees account for 65% of our staff.

Our company has invested a substantial amount of manpower and resources for the research and development of new products as well as the tweaking and improvement of the handheld transceiver, citizen band radio, cell phone repeater, and other current products. A pioneer in the domestic industry, it is our desire to strive for innovation and forge ahead. Our research and development department consists of elite technicians dedicated to the progressive engineering of our product hardware, software, and design elements. In order to provide the most ideal technical solutions for our clients, we have cooperated extensively with numerous internationally recognized companies as well as multiple universities and research institutions within China. We have reserved an exclusive testing center solely for the purpose of high frequency experiments.

Products yielded from our independent research and development efforts retain exclusive intellectual property rights, and as such, many of our technologies have been declared as national technical patents. We own dozens of imported precision test instruments associated with software development systems, simulation systems, test platform systems, and mobile communication development. We also possess several environment test devices, including the vibration test device as well as the high and low temperature test device. In addition, our repertoire of contraptions includes all-purpose testers such as the HP8921, Motorola2600, and Marconi2955. We employ over 20 spectrum analyzers, most notably the Anritsu Ms8604A (100Hz-8.5GHz). Also at our disposal are digital signal sources and network analyzers such as the HP8753D(30KHz-6GHz) . We operate multiple high efficiency production lines and employ two k2050 SMT machines, provided by JUKI Japan. As a result, we can comfortably accommodate client orders while processing required augmentations in adherence to client side specifications.

Our long tradition of high standard products and services is credited to our remarkable staff, fine testing instruments, years of technical accumulation, and an excellent management system. We value technical innovation, continuous improvement, sincere services, and joint development. Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding our vehicle radio, citizen band radio, or other products. Our friendly service representatives are on stand by to assist you.

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